World’s Biggest Motorsports

Motorsports have long been popular leisure activities for car enthsiasts. All of the world, cars, trucks, boats, bikes and other motorized vehicles are raced to see who has the fastest setup. racing has been done ever since the dawn of time, when people began racing on foot. This is now called track, where there are sprinting events and long-distance running events. Now that vehicles are used to race, racing is primarly done with motorsports. There are many large motorsports companies in the world, and each offers a unique contribution to the sport.


In stock car racing, NASCAR is the most prestigious and largest sanctioned league for racers. They compete each year for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. Jimmie Johnson is the current champion, and he has won the past five championships in a row. Several races throughout the year are highly-decorated events, including the annual Daytona 500, which is the flagship race of NASCAR. Other important NASCAR races include the Brickyard 400, which is held at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Aaron’s 499, which are held at Talladega Super Speedway, and the Pepsi 400, which is also held at the Daytona Speedway.


There is also the IndyRacing league, usually abbreviated by the letters IRL. This is the league where the illustrious Indianapolis 500 takes place. The open-wheel cars that are raced in this series are very different from stock cars. they are usually faster, but also a little less safe. IRL cars make up some of the most fascinating forms of motorsports in the world.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is another huge aspect of motorsports. Known as “The grand prix of endurance and efficiency”, this race is held near Le Mans in France. Several different types of cars are permitted to race in this event, including Le Mans Prototypes, GT Endurance Pro and GT Endurance AM cars.


The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is a big motorsports group for truck racing. Factory-made pickup trucks are altered a bit to the feel of the tracks. The trucks that normally run these races are Toyota Tundras, Dodge Rams, Ford F-150s and Chevrolet Silverados.


Motorsports companies continue to be a major factor in world entertainment. It will always be popular to watch races of different types of automobiles. With the way that sports are marketed today, motorsports will only continue to grow in presence and influence all around the world.